Carrier Benefits

IMAT provides 3rd party, independent 24/7 monitoring of GPS locations, temperatures in 7 locations within the trailer, humidity and door events.

Documentation:  Information including temperatures & GPS data is instantly available online 24/7. This can be invaluable in the event of a claim or dispute. Current or archived reports can document trailer #,  IMAT Serial #, GPS location at time of shipment, route and arrival location, all dates and times plus temperatures in 7 locations in the trailer, humidity and door open/close events.

  • Manage your IMAT equipped trailers: Know locations/conditions, etc. at all times. Easily check availability for a load.
  • Reduce unloading time: Receivers can pre-approve conditions based on 50 mile advance arrival time notice.
  • Monitor & analyze door open/close events at GPS location
  • Possibly reduce cost of insurance by using IMAT
  • Assists in equipment maintenance by monitoring airflow.

IMAT can provide an advantage to your company by offering this value added 3rd party logistics and add a profit center. Your customers will benefit from the salient features of IMAT.

See the "How It Works" portion of our site which explains each IMAT component’s function.