Receiver/Buyer Benefits
  • View data on line 24/7–temperatures from multiple locations in trailer, GPS location
  • 3rd party independent monitoring – secure IMAT/Cargo Data service
  • 50 mile advance notice of arrival at your DC–pre-clear to save dock scheduling time
  • Redirect to alternative DC if conditions indicate weak product/quick sale - reorder
  • Manage costs – pay direct & save. 7 sensors for less than the cost of one recorder!
  • Review reports of pending, current and archived trips to track trends, analyze data
  • Perfect for QC and HACCP requirements


With product recalls & consumer safety concerns, IMAT data can help TRACE & TRACK the commodity from supplier to receiving dock with documentation of GPS location, temperature conditions, humidity and TIMING electronically stored for 12 months. All data, current and archived is easy to access based on P.O., Passing #, Bill of Lading or other trip documentation.