The IMAT Story

IMAT- Internet Monitoring and Tracking system
The newest link in the Cold chain –The future is here using synergy of GPS, wireless and RF technology. This is how we got here!

A brief History
For over 70 years, the industry standard has been to use individual recorders on a shipment. Regardless of the brand or features, all temperature information is “After the Fact.” Each recorder has to be found in the load, IF it can be located and then checked for any limited information that may be available.

With a strip chart there is ONE chart with limited accuracy and questionable reliability. If you receive digital recorders, the computer or reader/printer provides the data once the unit is connected and downloaded.
With 35 years experience and listening to our customers, we felt that by maximizing today’s technology - we can do better!

The IMAT system eliminates the need for an individual recorder to be placed on every shipment. By providing useful, timely, independent information while a product is IN-TRANSIT, all of the limitations of the current recorders are addressed. IMAT is not “after the fact”. Temperature variations can be evaluated in virtually real time during transit and corrective action can be taken to minimize any damage or loss to temperature sensitive commodities. The GPS component provides the physical location of the product as it travels to destination. Arrival times can be anticipated and costly delays at the dock avoided. No searching for the recorder inside the trailer, delaying unloading. Know the conditions prior to arrival and pre-clear for effective dock scheduling.

The IMAT terminal (TMU) continually monitors, records, stores and sends data to the protected IMAT server. This is 3rd party independent information on a secured website with access authorized by designated personnel with log-in and passwords.

The use of IMAT system is a way to assist everyone responsible for transporting temperature sensitive commodities. All parties involved in a single trip from Point of Origin (either Grower/shipper or manufacturer/producer), packer, dispatcher, driver and carrier to destination will benefit by making it easier to do a good job. This is one more very effective way to make sure a product arrives at destination as the quality product that was shipped and includes the necessary ability to track/trace a products journey thru the cold chain.

We invite you to look thru the website and give us a call. We can go over the details and provide full information on any questions we may not have answered on this site. We look forward to hearing from you.

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By using IMAT, the value and advantage to our environment will be measured in tens of thousands of pounds of plastic, circuit boards, batteries, etc. that will NOT be produced and will NOT end up in the landfills EVERY YEAR.